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Testabol Cypionate is a testosterone derivative that works very similarly to testosterone enanthate . For those who plan to buy cypionate in Ukraine, it should be noted that the differences between the two anabolic steroids are small: testabol cypionate rather acts on the body, and promotes a greater collection of water when compared with testosterone enanthate . At the same time, these forms of testosterone help to increase the level of testosterone in the blood for 14 days

Drug action and steroid profile:

Like all injectable forms of testosterone, Testabol Cypionate allows you to experience a significant increase in muscle mass and strength. However, British Dragon cypionate suggests that, due to its light aromatization, there is a rather noticeable accumulation of water by the body. Therefore, anabolic is not the best drug in pre-competition training or during the drying period.   

Testabol Cypionate is the perfect drug for bodybuilders looking to gain weight without spending a lot of money on it. Long- lasting testosterone derivatives contribute to productive weight gain, while Testabol Cypionate is considered a simpler drug, excellent for inexperienced athletes.

Features of admission and dosage:

Testabol cypionate is a drug odnoefirnym, long-acting. The accumulation of the active substance occurs mainly in the adipose tissue. Those planning to buy steroids should be aware that Testabol Cypionate is released relatively slowly in the body. The highest concentration in the blood can be observed 1-2 days after administration, after which its level gradually decreases. This steroid is taken once every 7 days.      

According to experienced bodybuilders, its use of e best solution for inexperienced athletes or those who first decided to use pharmacological agents for the set of muscles. For this category of athletes, the best course is considered to be 500 mg of testabol cypionate per week. The duration of the course is 10 weeks.

For experienced bodybuilders, the best solution would be to use the drug in a dose of 300-1000 mg, in some cases the amount taken is increased. Given the long-term effect of the anabolic in the body, it is enough to inject it once every 7 days.

As in the first, and in the second case, in addition to building muscle tissue, the body will accumulate fat deposits and retain fluid. 

In addition to good results on a solo course, it is good to gain mass and draw muscles using a combination of testabol cypionate with other drugs. In this case, the athlete must clearly know what exactly he wants to get from the mix

Given cypionate database reviews, we can conclude that experienced athletes are recommended throughout the reception testabol cypionate use Proviron, Clomid , tamoxifen , HGG. These remedies help restore the body’s natural testosterone production. 

It should be noted that Testabol Cypionate is more susceptible to aromatization than, for example, sustanon . However, when used on a cycle of Nolvadex or Clomid , the side effects associated with aromatization can certainly be avoided.

Possible side effects:

When contacting a steroid store in order to purchase testabol cypionate , it is worth considering that its use can lead to water retention in body tissues, gynecomastia, increased hair growth, and acne. Those who practice taking higher dosages should not forget that this can adversely affect the functioning of the liver.  

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