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A wedding ring is an integral part of all the traditional as well as modern day weddings. It is a symbol of a new beginning of a relationship with a hope that the relationship will last for many years to come. However, there are quite a few alternatives which are available that can be presented as a replacement for a traditional wedding ring. These alternatives will make your relationship an even more special one, as you went out of the league and presented something different.

Let’s have a look at all the different alternatives which you can present instead of a wedding ring:

1. Bracelets: The best bond ever

Bracelets are considered as a symbol of commitment and will act as a perfect thing to exchange during the wedding ceremony. As a bracelet has a larger surface area than an engagement ring, you can even engrave a message on it for your loved one. Bracelets are quite similar to a ring due to their round shape. These bracelets also depict the same love that a wedding ring would. So, presenting these to your future husband or wife would embark a new relationship. Bracelets have always been regarded as a symbol of eternal bond between friends from time immemorial now.

2. A beautiful necklace

Presenting a necklace to your future soul mate will also act as a perfect alternative to a traditional wedding ring. The wedding bands can be slipped onto a chain or a custom pendant can also be designed. A wedding necklace will enable the couples to gift something different to each other that will make the whole event a memorable one. While choosing a pendant for the necklace you can opt for the engraved pendants and provide a personalized touch to it. You can even record a sentiment or a quote over the pendant and present it along with the necklace to your better half. There are different design patterns that you can choose for the quote.

3. Tattoos

There is no better way than showing commitment for your loved one than engraving a permanent tattoo. Most of the couples opt for different designs of the tattoo for showing their love for each other. Finger tattoos have also become quite popular these days. The design of the tattoo can be a simple or a highly decorative one. Both the husband and the wife can also go for the same matching tattoos on their ring fingers. Finger tattoos have really become famous with people who consider rings quite uncomfortable to wear. Also, a finger tattoo will always be much more comfortable than a wedding ring.

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