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5. Not seeing the bride before the wedding

This is still a popular superstition today. It’s assumed that this originated in the days of arranged marriages when a groom had no real idea of who he was marrying. If he saw the bride, he could potentially take a dislike to her and call off the wedding.

6. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

The rhyme speaks for itself. It is likely that this rhyme stretches a fair way back in the UK, and is still a popular tradition. Gifts for the married couple are naturally a fairly universal concept across the board.

7. Bridesmaid matching the bride

This tradition actually goes back all the way to Ancient Rome. It was a tradition at that time to have ten guests at the wedding made up to look identical to the couple. That way, it was assumed that any evils spirits would get confused, and not know who to attack.

8. Wearing white

This fad was actually started by Queen Victoria. She opted to wear white for her wedding, and the tradition stuck. Ever since it has been a favorite choice for the bride to wear.

9. Wedding season

It’s natural that some seasons are more conducive to a happy wedding than others. Across the world, the preferred season varies depending on weather and other responsibilities. However, it is standard for there to be a preference in most places.

10. Diamond rings

These have been the ring of choice for some time, and it’s not surprising. They were the choice for European nobility over a hundred years ago, and they remain a favorite today.

And there you have it. Ten fantastic wedding traditions that are alive and well today. Which ones are you going to follow?

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