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Weddings… It doesn’t matter how excited you are to marry the love of your life; you’re most likely going to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and nervous. While you can acknowledge that these feelings will probably stick with you for most of your wedding day, there are some things you can do to help make it better. Don’t start dreading your wedding, but get prepared ahead of time!

1. Delegate the stress away

If you’re the one planning everything for your wedding, go ahead and plan for one or two trusted friends or a professional to be your day-of coordinator. The last thing you need on your wedding is to have to worry about small things that will inevitably go wrong! Make sure you let yourself have a little peace and get someone else to handle everything that comes up on the day itself.

2. Accept what you can’t control

You can plan and plan, but when the day finally comes any number of things can happen unexpectedly. The biggest surprise is usually the weather or something that one of your guests does. These are both completely out of your control and you need to accept that if you want to have the time of your life without a huge knot of stress in your stomach the whole time!

3. Schedule only the necessities

You may want to pack as much into your wedding day as possible. Stick to the necessities instead of going for group breakfast, manicures & pedicures, brunch, or anything else that can be done another day. Do your hair and makeup appointment and try to avoid unnecessary commitments that will rush you through the day. Rushing around will lead to extra stress.

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