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1. Plan your attire

Slip into something sexy when you are finally alone together. It might seem obvious, but it’s noted here so that you don’t forget the obvious! Take time to enjoy choosing something that you will feel great in, and that you’ll enjoy wearing for an evening.

2. Write a love letter

Ok, ok, so it’s your wedding night, and you’ve been declaring your love for each other not just for the whole day, but also throughout all of the weeks and months before your big day. But wouldn’t it be nice to write a note to each other that you can share on your wedding night? Perhaps you could fill it with all of the great memories you’ve built together, or your dreams for the future together. Or maybe you can create a list of everything you love about each other.  

3. Take a relaxing bath together

Invest in some indulgent bubble bath, and make sure your honeymoon suite has a fabulous bathtub so that you can spend time during your wedding night relaxing in the tub together. Don’t forget to bring the champagne and some finger foods such as strawberries with you, so that you can enjoy the moment. Just make sure it doesn’t send you to sleep!  

4. Take a midnight walk together

After you’ve indulged in all of the exciting activities that should occur on your wedding night, why not take a romantic midnight walk together. Really invest in acknowledging that this is the first walk that you’ve taken together as Husband and Wife and enjoy the intimacy that walking at night can bring as you pass by others who have no idea how special your day has been today.

5. Do not disturb

Hang the do not disturb sign on your door if you are staying in a hotel and don’t bring anybody back to celebrate your special night!

6. Plan for something special in the morning

Enjoy a long and lingering breakfast in bed together (with champagne of course). Then consider taking a joint massage, or an intimate activity together before you start meeting up with the rest of your family and friends. Reflect on your wedding day over breakfast and recall the highs and lows.  

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