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Whether your wedding night is one of many nights that you’ve spent together, or if it’s going to be your first intimate evening together, the pressure and expectations will be overwhelming.   

We are all exceptionally good at over planning everything most of the time. We end up bringing or planning for a lot of things that we won’t end up doing.  You will be exhausted on your wedding night (even though people don’t often tell you that). You might be overwhelmed with emotion, drunk, and under pressure to consummate the marriage. All of this will potentially lead to disasters occurring and things going wrong.  

The first thing that you should do on your wedding night (so that you can enjoy it and make it special) is to go with the flow. And to recognize that even if things don’t go perfectly, or if one of you falls asleep, that there’s always tomorrow. In fact, you’ve got a lifetime together. In the future, you will laugh at your wedding night disaster (if you have one).  

You could always reenact your dream wedding night on your first wedding anniversary. So if it didn’t work out quite as expected the first time around, you could enjoy trying again on your anniversary.  

But with all that said, here are our best tips to help you make your wedding night amazing.  

1. Food for thought

Most brides and grooms often either forget to eat during the wedding or are too excited or anxious to eat. So when you are in the comfort of your hotel room (or wherever your wedding night is occurring), there’s no doubt that the hunger pangs will start to make their presence known.  

Order a few appetizers in advance, or have some of the food from your wedding sent up to your room, for you both to enjoy. It will help alleviate any wedding night nerves, open the floor for a quick catch up and serve as a reminder that you are not strangers. And well, food can be an aphrodisiac too! Don’t forget to get things moving intimately by feeding each other!

2. Build memories with the scent

Fill your room with fragrance to create a scented memory of your special night. Choose a fragrance that you only use for your wedding night, or other romantic occasions spent with your spouse, so that you can savor the scent. Use again on Valentine’s day, or on your anniversary (to bring back all of those beautiful memories of your wedding night).  The fragrance will add to the ambiance and enhance the mood. Scented candles, room sprays, and essential oils sprinkled on the bedding will be perfect.

3. Add some music

Create a playlist for your wedding night.  Consider starting the list with some of the songs featured in your wedding, and then add all of your favorite songs that are in-keeping with the mood you want to set. Don’t forget to pack the equipment you need to play your music if you are staying in a hotel. You could even plan your wedding night playlist together before the wedding – for extra intimacy and commitment to the mood.

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